Dark Water – The book arrives!

Well, after a bit of a break (yes, I know, MONTHS!) I’m back on here – mainly because I’ve finally got some things to talk about. The last few months have been busy and I’ve barely had time to draw breath, let alone write about it.
Let me see, what was the last entry? Oh yes, JK Rowling and signing my book deal.
Well, the book is being published (3rd October) by Nightingale Editions, and this week I got the advance copies – it was very emotional. To finally to see my work in print in an actual book was wonderful and scary all at the same time.


Paper ripped open to reveal…

One of the things that a book brings is questions. I’ve had requests for online interviews from book bloggers and as much as I love the idea of talking about myself it is difficult to judge sometimes how fully to answer a question. One word is obviously too little, but you can so easily go the other way, especially as a writer – well I do – I’m writing an answer and off I go in all sorts of directions. Anyway, I thought if I started up the blog again, I could expand  a bit on some of the topics that come up here rather than take up space in the interviews.
First one – interestingly this has come up twice so far – Why Dark Water?
The book has had several titles, it started off as Suicide Dancers– I didn’t have a story, just the title, which I rather liked, but couldn’t write the book to go with it. Then it was Ferryloupers or The Ferryloupers, which I hated but everyone else loved. Then it was Take Me With You, which was a phrase used in the book. Then, when I came back to Orkney, my husband gave me the title. He was explaining something to me about diving and the phrase Dark Water, came up – ‘it’s when you don’t know which way is up and which is down, it’s one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a diver’. It struck a chord, because the book is about not knowing which way is up and which is down morally and how dangerous that is. It felt right so that’s what the book became.
Other news – We have moved! Found a wonderful house overlooking an uninhabited (or not if the myths are to be believed) island with a lighthouse – Copinsay and a beautiful beach, which when the tide is out is huge and sandy. We have a puppy – Molly, the Cocker Spaniel – who has two speeds, manic and asleep.


Molly racing the tide

Till next time and I promise not to leave it so long.


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